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You have more BRA OPTIONS (and potential benefits) than you know!

Years ago a frenzy of questions and potential solutions were stimulated by the appearance of ''the Oprah bra'', as it was commonly referred to. Several airings of The Oprah Winfrey Show and a feature story in Oprah Magazine increased international attention of custom-fitted bras, as the preferred alternative to buying off the rack, and/or guessing at your size and fit.

Simultaneously, a highly personalized ''body-type'' bra fitting guide, was established by The Healthy Bra Company. It drew attention to a woman's unique BODY TYPE, her posture, her breast shape and symmetry, her true size/fit, and breast health aspects, and was designed by a Postural Therapist. Then, various lines of bras were selected by The Healthy Bra Company, incorporating these guidelines for ''body type fitting'', into these specifically selected, patented bras. All wireless, these posture bras, full-figured bras, support bras, and sports bras, in an assortment of styles, met, and currently meet many of the unique shapes, sizes, postures and functional needs, and, in over 2500 size combinations.

The superior support mechanism, common to all of these bras is a uniquely patented shelf & suspension system. As a result, certain bras, especially when considering an individual woman's breast weight too, can support over 10 lbs. of breast weight, each side, with this wireless construction. These factors, as well as the aspects discussed below, hold the potential to provide really amazing support, comfort, structure, and much overall encompassing utility, in the marketplace today.

This unique fitting approach also accomplishes another goal, for some. The unique approach to design and fit, more or less, creates a more naturally, anatomically supportive situation for a woman's body. They provide the possibility for change, for adaptation of physiological stress factors. We have observed that posture changes immediately, and biomechanics are altered, as the vertical weight dynamics shift. Body stress symptoms also feel alleviated, as improved vertical alignment, within gravity, is restored. This offers so much potential for structural and postural balance, not to mention, symptom relief. This is a cause for great celebration!

We invite you to inquire into these lines of custom-fitted bras, carried by The Healthy Bra Company. We are testing, qualifying, and adding brands, on an ongoing basis, that meet the high standards for proper anatomical support, ease of wear, and comfort in daily functioning and movement.

Please contact us at The Healthy Bra Company, cell 425-478-0246 or

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