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Listen to what VISIONARY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS recommend, relating to BRAS!


Underwire Bras

Sports Bras (Compressive)

Poorly Fitting Bras

Unsupportive Bras

Tight Bras

Dr. Christian Northrup, author: ''Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom'' & ''The Wisdom of Menopause''

Stop wearing an underwire bra (at least most of the time). Too often this kind of bra cuts off circulation of both blood and lymph fluid around the breast, chest wall and surrounding tissue.''

Carol Stillman, Physical Therapist, Sutton Physical Therapy, N.Y. City

''Without a 'proper bra', 70-80 lbs. of force can impact breast tissue with every step - even more so for larger-breasted women.'' ''Repetitive bouncing leads to overstretching of the Coopers ligaments - the fragile, non-elastic connective tissue that supports the breasts - which, in turn, can cause sagging and soreness.''

Dr. John Lee, author: ''What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Breast Cancer''

''Although research has not proven that underwire bras cause breast cancer, common sense says that if you don't block lymph gland circulation from under your breasts with an underwire bra, it is going to be better for your breast health''. ''There is no reason to wear an underwire bra or even a tight bra every day.''

Maria Monti, Postural Therapist/Wellness Coach/The Mobile Therapy Clinic

''Without adequate support, women may also develop poor posture, and/or experience neck, back and shoulder pain.''

Christina Lasich, MD, author: ''High Heels to Hormones - A Woman's Guide to Spine Care''

''If your breast weight is supported with the bra straps, you need to get a better fitting bra. A good bra should support the weight of the breasts from below with a support self. All women should know that the wrong brassiere, can lead to neck pain, shoulder pain, and thoracic outlet syndrome.''

David J. Getoff, CCN,CTN, FAAIM, author: ''Abundant Health in a Toxic World''

''Restricting the flow of blood and lymphatic fluids in and out of living tissues as the obvious effect of reducing their stability to detoxify. Our bodies want to detox and any time we do something restricts or prevents their ability to do so, we raise our risks for dozens of chronic and fatal diseases. Wearing a brassiere is another big one. I highly recommend that women whose breast size does require them to wear a bra, (when not at home), look into some of the very few companies making healthier bras, which support the breast in a different way.''

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