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About The Healthy Bra Company

Offering a new concept in selecting foundation garments. Start with a consultation with a Postural Therapist about your unique body type, breast type and posture. Together you can create a plan to address lifelong BRA issues. Set a personalized BRA fitting appointment with this Postural Therapist in a respectful setting. Enjoy a thorough fitting with your unique features discussed, with specific options made available to be tried on, and matched to your own clothing. Discover what a properly fitted foundation garment can do for you.  And, feel fabulous!

Our History


The Healthy Bra Company was born partially out of need, and partially out of desire to evolve a staple garment. That is me, on the left, Maria Monti, Postural Therapist. 
I was a working Personal Fitness Trainer and a 36C in 2002. Pregnancy, at that time jumped my modest 36C to a 44DDD in 3 months. At that time, I could not find a single store-bought, mass-produced bra, to meet my needs. The rapidly increasing size was a major challenge, but, even more so, was the increasing breast weight. Not only did I need the support for standing still, but more so, to remain continually active in my current lifestyle. Short of strapping my breasts to my chest, with major compression, I could not find another alternative.   


Knowing what I did about having and maintaining breast health without creating detriment to my lymphatic system, compression was not the support option that I would have wanted to choose. I also wanted to support my posture properly, without unnecessary constriction or binding. Nothing produced in the current USA marketplace would work for me, or my needs. Was I destined to a life of custom-made bras?
At the time I was open to something miraculous in bra design, some ''out-of-the-box'' design, not presently available, to me. In addition, I wanted to be custom-fitted, as buying off the rack, not only did not make sense, but offered me no workable options. 

 In a most serendipitous event, I met a woman who changed my personal BRA life, and professional career life, forever more.




Our Expertise


Since that fateful meeting, I started wearing custom-fitted, custom-altered bras that were made and fitted for my body type.
As a Postural Therapist, I endorsed the therapeutic benefits of these specially designed bras, and offered seminars regarding these fabulous FUNCTIONAL FOUNDATION GARMENTS.
As The Healthy Bra Company evolved, we brought in over 2500 size combinations, and a Couturier to provide the Custom Alterations.
We have served many women, with a variety of sizes, shapes, postures and breast weights, providing them with alternatives, where previously, there were none available.




Our Commitment


We promise to take you from start to finish in a very personalized way. We believe that a garment worn by many women 8-15 hours a day, needs guided fitting attention, in a manner that has not been addressed satisfactorily, in a mainstream buying situation, either in-person or online, today.
That is our destined purpose ... to serve you with our expertise, experience, addressing your unique fitting needs, while maintaining a focus on your breast and postural health.
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