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The Engineering of Foundational Garments

Any engineer will agree that starting with a solid foundation offers a base of strength, to build upon, and longevity, against certain elements. Once there is a flaw in the foundation, measures must be taken to fortify it, so that continued foundational and functional integrity are maintained.

As a Postural Therapist, I have often made such comparisons to the structural framework of the human body, to my patients. And today, it is a common practice to paint a similar picture of structural integrity, when speaking of posturally, supportive custom-fitted bras.

As a matter of fact, the origin of many of our support bras were originally designed by Aeronautic Engineers. They understood to necessity to support heavy weight (think of any airplane, in flight), in order to function as it was expected. They used a form of suspension, which became a manner of supporting the weight of the female breasts, in mid air. Can you imagine that?

Yes, it has been done. It can be done. It is available to you, in a completely wire-free way.

Contact us, today, and experience this type of personalized anti-gravity, uplifting experience. (The Healthy Bra Company, Seattle)

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